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Begin your first online counseling session wherever you are most comfortable. Using any laptop, smartphone or tablet with a camera you can login using our discreet and secure software. Online counseling gives you the freedom to get help anywhere. Don't bother going into an office, sit down on your own couch and meet with one of our therapists.



Finding a good therapist is difficult. Stepstone Connect will match you with a therapist that specializes in your needs. Explore and connect to a more fulfilling life.

Group Therapy

Research shows group therapy sessions with a common identity and a sense of shared purpose are most effective. Stepstone Connect provides you the opportunity to heal with group therapy.

Here at Stepstone Connect, we know the cornerstone of health and wellness is connection.

Stepstone Testimonial

“My husband has struggled with alcoholism manifesting from PTSD and dual mental-health diagnoses. for years now. The disease controlled every aspect of our lives as he became a man I didn’t recognize any more. Treatment center after treatment center, program after program, we searched for an answer to his problem. As a former first responder, my husband has difficulties making personal connections and trusting people in general. None of the programs he participated in were able to break through the walls he had built. Enter Stepstone Connect. At first I was skeptical about an online program; I questioned how a counselor could develop a true personal connection with my husband over the internet when face to face treatment did not work. As a former online educator, I have first-hand knowledge of how challenging it is to develop trust from a distance.

Stepstone Connect started this connection with my husband from the first phone call with the intake counselor; he felt like someone really cared and understood. The intake counselor, went above and beyond to ensure that my husband felt comfortable as he was registered into the program. After the first IOP session, my husband shared with me that his counselor came across as truly genuine. Elizabeth has been a god-send. She makes no judgement and guides my husband through the difficulties he must face as he navigates the delicate balance to maintain his sobriety and mental health. Stepstone Connect has had a positive impact on my husband and my family. I am thankful everyday that he is a part of this program.



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