Counseling for First Responders: Know When You Need Help, Too

For most people, the biggest problems they face at work are short deadlines, juggling projects and stressful client meetings. However, first responders have much bigger issues to deal with when they clock in for their shifts. Firefighters, police officers, and EMTs encounter danger, turmoil, and even tragedy throughout their careers.   Most first responders are…

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Help for First Responders

Stepstone Connect applauds the wonderful work and reporting in our local newspaper regarding getting help for our first responders. We had the opportunity to see a panel discussion with Capt. Stevens and his colleagues and wanted to use our platform to spread the word and let everyone know that we at Stepstone Connect can help.…

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Self-Care Tips for Therapists and Counselors

Are you taking care of yourself? When you dedicate your life to helping others, it takes a toll. Burnout is real, especially in the mental health field. If you’re not careful, you can marginalize yourself to the point where you end up marginalizing others, specifically your clients. To be the best version of yourself, self-care…

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