Jenica Rea CMHC



I help people, from adolescents to elderly adults, find their way in this often-murky journey called life and help them to see that life doesn’t always have to be so muddied. There really is happiness to be had and beauty to be enjoyed in life! I help people to learn how to feel better about their lives, themselves, their past, their now, and their future. I hope to show people that they are stronger than they seem, wiser than they think, and can do more than they realize. I use tried and true ways to help people along their personal journeys, and I always do this with compassion, empathy, and authenticity. 

I am most passionate about seeing someone’s desire to grow, change, or learn, then seeing that desire turn to into action. The process of change is beautiful and amazing! Even when change isn’t happening, but someone wants it more than ever, this is still such an inspiring process to witness. The icing on this cake is when my clients want to let me in to help with the change and share that change with me. There is nothing else like it in this world.



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