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Stepstone Connect

Removing Barriers to Counseling

Join one of the founders of Stepstone Connect, Barry Toone, and Kristin as they talk about how online counseling has paved over many of the barriers first responders have to getting mental health treatment.

First Responders: Survived

Join Barry Toone and Kristin as they speak with Survive First Founder, Doug Monda, about his journey through suicidal ideation, ptsd, and depression working in law enforcement.

Covid-19 and Your Mental Health

Join Barry Toone and Kristin Walker with their guests, geneticist and infectious disease specialist Dr. David Vigerust to talk about the facts when it comes to the Coronavirus. How do our first responders take precautionary measures to safeguard their health while being on the frontlines helping us? Why we have it all wrong when it comes to wearing a mask.

Find out if online family therapy with Stepstone Connect is right for you.

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