“A rose by any other name
 would still smell as sweet." Bart - "Not if they were called 'Stink Blossoms'. -- - The Simpsons


What’s in a name? For a company it’s the definition of who it is and what it stands for. E-Counseling Essentials had decided that with a New Year, needed to come a new identity. I want to explain some of the cause for that transition, and the relationship the process has with mental wellness.

It was early December that we decided that E-Counseling Essentials was ready to take a big step forward. We needed to expand our reach, services, and access to care. I had announced “it’s time for us to grow up”. In our growth we decided to expand the types of groups that we offered. Hired more therapist to reach specialty populations, and reinvented our image and name. The decision to change our name came from the idea that everything about us had to change to truly reflect the transformative process we were undergoing.

The name Stepstone Connect was chosen. As we went through this process to select the name, I reflected on how our change process mirrors the therapeutic change process.

First, we had to decide who we were. When engaging in a dramatic process of change, it’s important to understand who we are and who we want to be. In the therapy process we look at what are a person’s values, beliefs, background, and goals. We chose Stepstone because who we are is a collection of therapists working to give people the support they need in crossing the turbulent waters of change.

Second, what did we want to accomplish. New research is beginning to show that one of the core foundations to lasting recovery with mental health and substance use treatment, is the development of meaningful connection. Therefore, the second part of our name includes that emphasis of our work.

Tele-health is not a replacement for connection, it’s a new way to facilitate connection. We believe it has the potential to foster greater connection as we meet people in their environments and contract with therapists specifically qualified to treat their needs. In a person’s own personal growth, connection must be a part of that change.

Lastly, we made the leap. Change is only fantasy if we keep it running through our minds. “Someday I’ll have the time to….”. As a company we had a million reasons to stay the same, but a stronger motivation to change. In therapy this begins with the decision to reach out, the decision to trust a therapist to help walk you through the wilderness of change. It’s not an easy step, it wasn’t for us. We all had doubts and concerns, but more so we had a dream to expand our ability to help those in need. To fully actualize the beliefs, we developed when we started as E-counseling Essentials.

Starting therapy is a brave decision which involves reflecting back to who you are, finding meaningful and healing connections, and taking the step towards the actualization of who you want to be, and how you want to live. Take that step today by going to our website:

www.stepstoneconnect.com or call 801-661-6571