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"After spending 30 days in-patient treatment for PTSD at Deer Hollow, I didn’t know what recovery looked like. Joe Gorton with Stepstone Connect helped me with the unknowns and was paramount in my aftercare. Joe and I have grown a deeply personal and professional relationship because of the work we have done during our one on one therapy sessions (to include my wife who is also a Police Officer) and more importantly, during our first responder group therapy sessions. Treatment saved my life, my marriage, and my career but without a doubt, the aftercare with Joe has been instrumental in my continued success in recovery. The love and excitement that I have for helping first responders is my main mission in life. Part of my recovery is sharing my story, spreading the message, being an advocate and paying it forward. I understand that it’s not easy to ask for help, but it was the most courageous thing I have ever done."

- J.N.

"I wanted to take time to thank you and others of Stepstone Connect for the services that they have proved for some of my staff. Initially, the idea of online counseling services seemed somewhat unorthodox, but after reviewing the platform and comfortableness of participating from the place of your choice it seemed very practical to me. The officers that have told me about their experiences with your group have been very excited about their participation and the information that they have received."

- M.H.

"I am happy to learn that more department leaders are becoming better aware of the chronic and accumulative trauma that EVERY police officer experiences and left unidentified, or in some cases untreated can lead to long-term personal and professional damage. No one system will fit all clients or issues, but I believe your group has produced an option that can provide confidence and security particularly to the often reluctant law enforcement professional. I am encouraged that you are expanding to services that include spouses and other significant family or relationship members. As we have often ignored those that were in close proximity of traumatic events, but were not the focus officer, we too have not always included close family members who can detect when their loved ones have been exposed to such a traumatic event or events."

- G.J.

"Stepstone's programs are thoughtful and engaging. They take the time to understand you and put together a plan of action that makes you understand your participation in your recovery. While they won’t hold your hand, they walks with you the entire way and will not leave you to fight alone. They have just as much buy in on your therapy and recovery as you do and that means so much! Joe is compassionate but also doesn’t hold back in ensuring that you are accountable and making sure that you are completely on board. Joe has helped me in so many ways to understand what I’m going through and to making me realize that I can make the changes necessary to promote my recovery and a better more productive and safe lifestyle."

- T.M.

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